Medical Insurance Program Committee (MIPC): Commitment of the President of the Association

On November 1, we distributed an announcement from the Bank’s Administration about the establishment of the Medical Insurance Program Committee (MIPC), accompanied by our own message of commitment to represent, through our participation in this Committee, all retirees (members or not of the Association), in accordance with our Bylaws.

It should be emphasized that the constructive participation of the Association in this Committee is essential to ensure the maintenance of the benefits that our health insurance program represents.

The Christmas and New Year holidays did not stop the work of the Association, so I want to share some additional comments about our continued dedication to fulfilling this commitment.

  • The creation of the Medical Insurance Program Committee (MIPC) through Policy
    OR-318 has elevated the hierarchy of governance of this program to the level of the Human Resources Department, giving retirees a formal position in the manager’s advisory group for this vital issue. It is important to note that the establishment of the MIPC follows in the same tradition as the IDB Retirement Plans Committees, which strengthened the professionalization of the administration of those Plans. We believe that this measure will achieve the same result for our health insurance program.
  • The President of our Association will have the opportunity to represent the interests of all retirees, with the support and guidance of the entire Board, through significant contributions and adding value to the work of the MIPC. For this purpose, the President will be able to count on the Association’s own committee assigned to this task, in addition to its coordination office and open and transparent communication channels.
  • The Retirees Association will continue to work directly with HRD to resolve recurring and systemic problems related to our health insurance program. The foregoing includes not only the performance of AETNA in the administration of the program, but also individual cases, to the extent requested by the program members.
  • I invite all retirees to give us their opinions on the fundamental aspects related to coverage, the structure of premiums and the terms of participation in the program. Please send your comments to my personal mailbox with a copy to You can also call our offices at (202) 623-3035.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for their continued support. I reiterate our commitment to fulfill our mission of monitoring the activities and policies of the IDB Group in order to promote the interests of the members of our Association and those of all retirees.

I send you greetings and best wishes for the new year.

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