Volunteer of the Year Award 2018

After an individual review of the nominations for the Award, the Committee met formally on March 18th, 2019 to discuss the nominations and decide on the winners.

The Committee is coordinated by Camille Gaskin-Reyes and included Patricia Meduña and María Claudia Perazza.

There were four completed and eligible nominations that were considered as follows:

For HQ-based Retirees:

  • Arne Paulsen for his volunteer work with The Villages Seniors in his community;
  • Dana Martin/Leyda Fajardo for their volunteer work with the mostly immigrant Latino, low-income community;

For Country-Office based Retirees:

Susana Filippa for her volunteer work with a hospital for low-income patients in Buenos Aires;

María Emilia Arbiza de Pigurina for her volunteer work on housing solutions for low-income communities in Montevideo.

There are no prescribed ranking criteria for the selection of the Award Winners, but the Committee considered factors such as longevity and consistency of efforts; leadership and overall commitment; type of beneficiaries and results/impacts.

During the course of the Award process, some other nominees were mentioned by IDB Retirees, but forms were not submitted, or the nominees were not deemed eligible or they themselves declined to be considered.

In addition, some Retirees wrote to propose that Sandra Scioville, who has worked to coordinate and organize activities of fellow Retirees in the ‘Jubilosas’ Group, also be considered for an award.

After reviewing the information presented the results of the deliberations of the Committee were as follows:

For HQ Award:

Dana Martin and Leyda Fajardo as a team

For their work with St.Mary’s/Santa Maria’s Episcopal Church in Arlington with 40+ hours a month each on a number of issues pertaining to food distribution, advocacy for housing and immigrant rights.

For COF Award:

María Emilia Arbiza de Pigurina for her tireless work on volunteering and contributing to low-income housing in Uruguay with the organization Pro Mejores Vivienda, work which has spanned over 20 years in leadership and volunteer positions.

The Committee also made the decision that Sandra Scioville be awarded a non-monetary Award of Recognition for her work with the Jubilosas, which has evolved from a spontaneous effort with friends into full-fledged coordination of efforts with fellow Retirees.

The Committee also recommends that the Board formulate criteria for selection and also explore how to improve demand for this Award.