Uruguay – Educational support for young people from families affected by Covid-19 – Centro Educativo Providencia

As a result of the current health emergency situation and the restrictions imposed to mitigate COVID19 infections and the economic consequences that these measures have, many of the families with children who attend the Providencia Educational Center have seen their economic situation greatly affected. Many of them are no longer generating income as a result of losing their jobs, which gives rise to families that were already in a vulnerable situation, realizing that their situation has worsened even more. Understandably so, the scarce resources that they obtain are prioritized to feed themselves, hence the importance of assisting them with educational supplies to allow their children to resume their education.

To help mitigate this situation, the donation of $ 1,468 from the Association’s campaign along with $ 195 contributed by the Association’s Branch in Uruguay and an anonymous donation of $ 416 are intended to provide the educational materials necessary for the Liceo Providencia to achieve its compulsory Art workshop educational program, providing in addition personal hygiene products, which will directly benefit students in the prevention of the contagion of the Covid-19 virus both at the educational center and at the home.

The executing agency for the project is the Providencia Educational Center and will be responsible for its supervision. The project was approved by the Board of the Retirees Association on September 24, 2020 and the funds were disbursed on September 30.

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