Update on Board Activities

Dear Members,


We want to inform you about recent changes in the Association’s Board of Directors. At our last meeting on June 24, the Board unanimously approved the nomination of Maria Claudia Perazza for the position of Vice President. This change was brought about by the resignation of Patricia Bermudez presented on June 9 and subsequently confirmed as irrevocable. The Board recognizes her contribution over the past five years of service and dedication.


The work of the Board continues as described in the Meeting Minutes. We highlight the work carried out by the Chapters, the collaboration of the Bank and the Credit Union on the COVID-19 initiative. As of today, and based on the evaluation and recommendation of the Ad-Hoc COVID-19 Committee, the Board has approved 14 projects in 9 countries for a value of US$48,135.



Isabel Larson,

AJBID President