Thriving in the Digital Economy Through a Personal Accelerator

Dear Members,

The Staff Association partnered with the Fourth Dimensional Quotient™ Co-creators to offer two valuable tools during 2019 and this benefit is being extended to the AJBID members and respective family members:

1-An introductory workshop, “Thriving in the Digital Economy Through a Personal Accelerator”, on Wednesday, June 12th, from 12:15 to 2:00 p.m. covering the latest trends in the Digital Economy and why it matters, the human being four dimensions and how to leverage them through a mini-discovery assessment to diagnose where we are. This event will be Live broadcasted in Microsoft Teams – to join, click here.

2-A Personal Accelerator™ Innovation Masterclass designed to explore how cutting-edge breakthroughs in technology, psychology, behavioral sciences, brain research, and innovation methodologies enable the rewiring of your brain to help you attain those new habits that you wish to adopt in your life to successfully establish your own online business. Benefit from the special discount of 90%.

The Personal Accelerator ™ consists of:

  1. a) 90-day self-paced pre-work program (You are assigned a series of readings, videos

to review and will do some exercises on your own);

  1. b) 8-week accelerator training to design and launch personal/professional innovations

(A weekly 1 hour- 90-minute live meetings on Zoom) and;

  1. c) Tres Quarterly, 90-minute implementation Design Thinking sessions on Zoom to

maintain the momentum and commitment to the innovations launched during the

accelerator training.

This program will be offered on two cohorts:

  1. a) The first will start on July 15th, 2019.
  2. b) The second will start on November 15th, 2019

More detailed information will be provided on Wednesday, June 12th, as well as an opportunity to sign-up and secure your spot.