Terms and Conditions

The Association of Retirees offers this Classified service exclusively for use among its members, that is, only members can offer articles or services that they provide themselves. Articles or services from third parties that are not members of the IDB Retiree Association are not allowed.

The Association is not associated with any company or person that can provide services. The Association does not guarantee any service provided, nor will it be responsible for the type of service provided or lost, or any incidental or consequential damages, if any.

Family of employees of the Association and the active Board of Directors may not offer services through this platform that will be offered on the Association’s website for free.

According to the Association’s Code of Conduct, members “will refrain from offensive or harmful behaviors” in the notices. The publication of classified ads with texts, photographs, images or videos of sexual content or that incite violence, discrimination or abuse of any kind is prohibited.