Tax Reimbursement Process Updates in response to COVID-19

Dear Retirees (U.S. tax residents),


The IDB Tax Administration Unit hopes you are safe and well.   In support of the IDBG, the Deloitte Tax consulting team and IDB Tax Unit employees continue working from home due to the public health threat associated with  COVID-19 so that the annual tax reimbursement processes remain on track.

We would like to bring to your attention the following:


  • U.S. Tax Reimbursement Payments


The quarterly U.S. tax reimbursement payments will continue to be deposited on the regular payment dates.  The payment for the first quarter will be deposited on or around March 31, 2020 as per the 2020 Key Dates for Tax Reimbursement for Retirees.


  • Confirmation Process for 2019 Tax Year


The confirmation process for those who received tax reimbursements for the 2019 tax year will also proceed as usual, and the deadline for submittal of documents remains June 26, 2020.


As you may know, the  IRS has announced that it has extended its deadlines for filing 2019 tax returns and for paying taxes otherwise due on April 15, 2020 until July 15, 2020.   Please refer to the website of the tax authority of your state to determine if the applicable state tax deadlines have also been extended.  If it is possible for you to file your returns by April 15 or otherwise before IDB’s June 26 deadline, we encourage you to do so.  This will help ensure that you promptly receive any tax refund due to you.  Similarly, we encourage you, if possible, not to delay submittal of your IDB Tax Form 7R and IRS Form 4506-T.


However, if you are unable to file your tax returns in advance of IDB’s June 26, 2020 deadline for submitting your IDB Tax Form 7R and Form 4506-T, per the regular process already in place, you may obtain an extension by submitting IDB Tax Form 7R-EXT.  If you submit  IDB Tax Form 7R-EXT, your deadline to submit your tax forms is October 30, 2020, though we strongly encourage you to submit your documents as soon as possible in advance of this extended deadline.


  • Updated Options for Sending your Documents


Due to the work from home arrangements that are currently in place for the Deloitte Tax team and IDB employees, as well as the restricted access to the IDB Headquarters building, in person drop-off of documents is no longer availableAdditionally, we strongly discourage the mailing of documents to Deloitte’s offices because personnel will not regularly be on premises to scan paper documents.   To submit your documents, you have the following options:


  • Upload to (for instructions click here)
  • Fax: 1-833-920-1035
  • Email: To ensure the security of documents transmitted by email, we recommend that any attachment forwarded via email be password protected with the last 4 digits of your social security number.
  • For Those Individuals who have Recently Mailed Documents to Deloitte


If you have already mailed your documents to Deloitte, it is crucial that you contact Deloitte immediately if you have not yet received an acknowledgment.  At this time, some documents mailed to Deloitte in the past week have been securely stored but have not yet been processed, so please contact Deloitte by email at or by phone at 202-623-2766 if you have not yet received an acknowledgement.


During this difficult period, we remain available to assist you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Deloitte Tax by email at or by phone at 202-623-2766.