Tally Committee – Special Procedure for year 2020

Dear Members,
As you are aware, the Tally Committee is made up of Juan Manuel Fariña as Coordinator, Álvaro Llosa and Claudia de Colstoun as members and Ricardo Miranda as Technical Advisor.
Said Committee will be governed by the AJBID Regulations Governing Voting and Counting, point E. Vote Counting and Results (See below in pdf). Unlike previous years, due to the current pandemic, the meeting of this Committee will take place virtually.
At the close of voting, Simply Voting, the company that provides an electronic voting service, delivers the results by email to the members of the Tally Committee. A virtual meeting will be held so that they can ask any questions the Committee has to the company Simply Voting.
Then, in a virtual meeting between the members of the Committee, the Coordinator will open the envelopes received from members who send their vote by post, in front of the screen, for the knowledge of all the members of the Committee.
The envelopes received by the Association from members who have voted by mail, before the IDB closed its doors, plus those received between March 14 and April 11, have been submitted to the Coordinator of the Tally Committee, thanks to the collaboration of the IDB Administration.
The Coordinator of the Tally Committee will make a video announcing the results of the 2020 vote to be broadcast to all members of the Association on April 23, 2020, according to the Procedure established for the 2020 Annual Meeting.
Best Regards,
Board of Director
Association of Retirees of the Inter-American Development Bank

Regulations Governing Voting and Counting