Vote Counting Committee Elections

Vote Counting Committee Elections 2021


Tally Committee 2021 Elections


A: All members
DE: Isabel Larson, President
SUBJECT: 2021 election

Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Vote Counting Committee for the elections of the association’s Board of Directors that will become vacant in April 2021.

The Counting Committee shall consist of:

In accordance with the Voting and Counting Regulations, the Committee shall have the task of conducting the review and audit work it deems relevant to verify that the elections have been safely processed and that the tabulation of votes has been carried out accurately and confidently. For this purpose, the Committee will monitor all activities of the full 2021 election process, from the date candidates are announced to the date on which the election results are announced.

Active members may contact committee members if they wish to report any issues that may hinder their right to vote.

Kind regards,

Isabel Larson
Association of Retirees

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