Results of the Survey on AJBID Performance

How Are We Doing?

Survey on AJBID Performance

Results Summary

March 2022

In an effort to continue to improve what we do and how we do it, the Association, through its Communications and Social, Cultural and Volunteer Activities Committees, conducted a brief, online survey to all Bank retirees, whether or not they are currently members of the Association, to ask their opinions on how we communicate and our social, cultural, and volunteer events, as well as the Association in general.  As the Association does not have any information on retirees who are not members, the survey was sent out to all retirees by the Office of the Staff Retirement Plan (SRP) on January 26, 2022 and remained open until February 11th. We are grateful, once again, to SRP for their assistance.

Survey Respondents
Response Rate
All Retirees*

* Forty-two retirees did not have a registered email address at the time of the survey.

We are delighted with such high response rates as it reflects retirees’ interest in engaging with the Association.

Below is the summary of the results. Please note the number of respondents for each question can be found at the end of each bullet and as you will see, some responses may not be considered representative due to the small number of respondents.

Retiree Profile

  • 56% of you retired more than 10 years ago, 19% between 6-10 years ago, and 24% within the last five years (735)
  • Roughly there are the same number of women and men (51%, 48%) (1,396)
  • 53% live in the United States, with the rest mainly 42%, in countries in Latin America, 5% living in the European Union and a few in Japan. (1,396)
  • Most respondents can easily communicate in Spanish and English equally, with a reading ability in both English and Spanish of 85%. (1396)

The Association

  • Of the main reasons members join the Association—connecting with colleagues, getting information on benefits, advocacy for retirees, and social events—nearly half (46%) joined for all four reasons. (1,101)
  • For those that have not joined, nearly one-third (28%) reported to have not yet taken the time, but plan to, 17% do not have a Chapter where they live, 4% believe it is too expensive and slightly over half (51%) responded to other. Of this latter group, several reported that their spouse was a member so there was no need or not interested. (285)
  • Over half (53%) of you reported being not familiar at all with what the Association does, with a third (33%) being “somewhat familiar” (211).
  • About 12% of you said you would be interested in supporting one or more of our committees (400).
  • 14% of you said you said you would be interested in starting a Chapter in your country. Please contact us at so we can help you get started. We can even provide funding for that. (191)


  • More than 80% of you are satisfied and very satisfied with the Annual Report, Emails, and our now monthly Newsletter, with 74% and 60% reporting the same for the website and Facebook Group. However, when asked the preferred way to engage with the Association, the top three responses were: Facebook (68%), Newsletter (52%) and E-mail (49%). # (Responses) About one fourth (26%) of you who answered the question said you have visited the website (147).
  • When asked how interested you are in the various topics, you said you were “interested” or “very interested” in: Pension Plan (98%), Health Insurance Program (93%), Taxes (79%) In Memoriam (69%) with social/cultural activities with members and stories by and about members, having been selected by 53% and 52% of the respondents. (792)
  • 61% of you are satisfied with the frequency of communications and 39% consider such communications as very relevant and 47% somewhat relevant. (560)

Which Activities Have Been Your Favorite

  • Of the activities that have been your favorite and that you want to continue, the majority, 58%, said in-person lunches with cultural events (474). For those that selected “From Your Couch Virtual Workshops”, nearly half (47%) said the most interesting were health and well-being, next Estate Planning (30%) and Investment (23%). (180)
  • Of those of you who answered that you did not participate in the Annual Meeting, nearly one-third of you said you were not aware of it, with 45% of you saying for other reasons, these included not living in D.C., travelling and inadequate internet access. (338)