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Nominations Committee

por Adrian Mikeliunas

Nominations Committee 2019

November 13, 2018


To:                    AJBID Membership

From:               David Atkinson, President


SUBJECT:      Elections 2019


A general election will be held between January and April 2019 to fill the following positions that will become vacant in the Board of Directors:


Vice-President          appointed for 2 years

Deputy-Secretary       appointed for 2 years

Deputy-Treasurer      appointed for 2 years

Directors                    three, appointed for 2 years


The Nominating Committee is formed by:


Coordinator:              Alberto Suria


Members:                   Asuncion Aguila, Arne Paulson, Gabriela Vega y Magdalena                                                  Carriquiry


In accordance with the Voting Regulation, Section B, Article 5, the Committee will attempt to propose at least two (2) candidates for each vacancy.

In accordance with the recent approval of the amendment to Article 6(a) and 6(c) of the By-Laws, in 2019 one of the positions for Director-at-large on the board will be filled by a member who resides outside the United States.

Active members may express interest in running for election and/or may nominate other candidates by sending a letter to the Committee’s Coordinator, Alberto Suria, no later December 15th, 2018.


The following are the e-mail addresses of the Nominating Committee’s members:


Alberto Suria:                       [email protected]

Asuncion Aguila:                  [email protected]

Arne Paulson:                       [email protected]

Gabriela Vega:                      [email protected]

Magdalena Carriquiry:       [email protected]