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Nominations Committee

por Adrian Mikeliunas

Nomination Committee Announcement

TO: All members

FROM: David Atkinson, President

SUBJECT: Elections of 2020


Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce the beginning of the nomination process for the positions of the Association’s Board of Directors that will become vacant in April 2020:

The available positions are as follows:

  • President        with a two-year (2) term
  • Treasurer       with a two-year (2) term
  • Secretary        with a two-year (2) term
  • Directors        four with a two-year (2) term. One of the directors must be a resident
    outside the United States.

The Nominations Committee is composed of:

Coordinator:          Cintia Guimarães:  [email protected]


Under the Regulations governing Voting and Counting, Section B, Article 5, the Committee shall endeavor to select at least two (2) candidates for each executive position open to election. Active members may express their interest in nominating and/or nominating candidates, sending until December 7, 2019 a communication addressed to the Coordinator of the Committee, Cintia Guimarães.

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