Nomination of candidates for the 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award

The IDB Association of Retirees (AJBID) invites its members to participate in the selection of the 2017 Volunteer of the Year. We wish to identify IDB-IIC retirees who carry out volunteer activities.

The deadline to nominate the candidates is February 28, 2018, please remember that both the candidate and his/her promoter must be members of the AJBID. The winner will be awarded during the next AJBID Annual Meeting in April 2018.

The members of the AJBID Chapters are invited to participate in the process by helping to identify qualified candidates by filing the attached form and sending it as soon as possible, via e-mail,

and to the following members of the Volunteer of the Year Award Committee. of the AJBID Board of Directors.:

Gabriela Vega

Orlando Reos

Maria Guadalupe Calderon

Thanks for your valuable collaboration.

IDB Association of Retirees