Newsletter InTouch No. 180

Newsletter InTouch 180 – ENG

Dear Fellow Retiree,

We are pleased to send you the latest issue of InTouch, the Association’s newsletter. This issue includes articles that cover topics of interest and relevance to our retiree community, such as:

  • Activities and virtual events, launched by the Association, for you.
  • Suggestions on resources available online to watch dance, film, art, theater as well as other topics, from the safety of your coach.
  • The inauguration speech by the new IDB President.
  • An interview to our fellow retiree, Larry Harrington, who recovered from Covid-19.
  • Positive developments on treatments and vaccines for Coronavirus.
  • A tribute to Ruth Bader-Ginsberg by our fellow retiree Ruthanne Deutsch, who had the honor of working with her.
  • The story of women’s suffrage in the United States.

You can also view the newsletter on the Association´s website at Once the IDB’s headquarter building opens its doors, we will mail printed copies to each of our Chapter representatives for them to distribute to Chapter members.

We want our newsletters to include topics that are informative, educational, fun, and current, but most of all that are relevant and interesting to you. Please send your comments and article ideas for future issues to me at

The English version of this newsletter will be distributed before Friday the 13 of November.

Warm regards,

Patricia Meduña
Communications Committee of the Association