News on the Medical Benefit Plan

Dear Members,

 “Please be informed that the Bank’s Administration has created the new Medical Insurance Program Committee (MIPC), which supersedes the previous Review Committee of the Life and Medical Insurance Program and includes the President of the Retirees Association as a member, ex oficio. We understand this measure as one designed to strengthen the governance of our health program, as established in our plan, we pledge to participate actively in the work of that Committee, in fulfillment of our mission to monitor Bank activities and policies in order to promote the rights and interests of the members of the Association and other retirees of the Bank Group as a whole, all of whom we invite to collaborate in this effort. After we meet with the Bank’s Administration, we will provide you with more details.”

See attached the communication for your reference.

News on the Medical Benefit Plan – Noticias sobre el Plan de Beneficios Medicos