New exhibit: Wixarika

February 12- March 12, 2018 at the Mexican Cultural Institute

The Mexican Cultural Institute is excited to host ‘Wixárika,’ an exhibition of native artisanry presented by the Hermes Music Foundation. The Wixárika, also known as the Huichol, are a native people of pre-colombian origin from Mexico’s western Sierra Madre region. For centuries, the Huichol have employed an intricate and painstakingly beautiful beading technique, called nearika, to record their history and spiritual traditons through artwork. This exhibit will present musical instruments decorated in this style by Huichol artisans.On February 12 the Mexican Cultural Institute will open the exhibit with a lecture by Roxana G. Drexel, from the Hermes Music Foundation. She will speak about the pieces displayed in the exhibit and the Hermes Music Foundation’s work supporting native communities by creating sustainable jobs and incomes through artisanry.