Message from the new President Isabel Larson

Dear colleagues and friends,

First of all, my deep thanks to all who voted for me as President of the Retirees Association. To those who did not, I want to assure you that I will do everything possible to obtain their trust, and that I will do so defending their interests with equal tenacity and energy, a task in which I have no doubt will be accompanied by the new Board of Directors. Secondly, an enormous appreciation to my illustrious predecessor, David Atkinson, and to the outgoing Directors, all of whom for many years steered the destinies of our Association with such dedication.

The work of the new Board will not be easy in view of the adverse impact of some of the resolutions recently adopted by the Bank’s Management, especially with regard to health insurance. I am very concerned that we are not given more explicit participation in the information than we are directly concerned with, in addition to which the effects that the pandemic will surely have on medical care, and on the costs of the program.

In the overwhelming majority of our member countries, the authorities rightly seek the unity of the peoples, social solidarity, and the collaboration of citizens to bear the tragic repercussions of the pandemic. Those same feelings should be what motivate all the members of our Association, for which I consider it essential to keep them always and as widely informed as to how the Board and I are acting. I solemnly promise that it will be so.

The challenge before us is tremendous. We must promote problem solving in all member countries, without exception, aware that although similar in nature, they affect differently, but no less crucially, depending on the country. It will not be easy to find a solution to all the difficulties, since in certain cases the alternatives are limited. However, we will not stop devoting all our efforts in this regard.

I intend to gather as much information as possible about the concerns of my colleagues, for which I want to organize personal meetings that allow us to have the essential personal contact to understand and seek satisfactory results for the fundamental topics of our retreat.

The task does not end with the election of new representatives; it is just beginning. I beg you to convey your concerns, especially regarding the issues that concern you most, so that we can fulfill our mission. Without follow-up you risk reflecting lack of interest.

My presidency of the Association begins at the end of the term of the President of the Bank, Luis Alberto Moreno, whom I take advantage of on behalf of all of us, and on my own behalf, to wish him the best of success in his new activities. From now on we hope to welcome you soon as the most recent associate. Our beloved IDB will have a new President and a new Executive Vice President in less than a year. In the same way that my predecessors supported Felipe, Don Antonio, Enrique, and Moreno, we will support the new leadership of the Bank, and during the transition period we will prepare ourselves to establish the best possible relations with the new Administration to ensure the stability of our benefits, and our acquired rights.

We will continue to keep in touch virtually, and share information of all kinds, especially regarding the pandemic, through the Association’s website. I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all those who, with an immense spirit of solidarity and a great sense of humor, share their best wishes, news, music, and countless stories to keep our spirits up, both on the recently launched FB page and on others. social networks.

I end with a cliché, remembering before that clichés, just because they are clichés, do not necessarily cease to be true. So please take good care of yourselves, stay at home, and wash your hands!

With the affection and affection of always,