Message from President Moreno

Dear colleagues:


Tomorrow, Good Friday is observed in the Christian world, followed by the celebration of Easter Sunday. Yesterday, the sunset also marked the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover. 

For centuries upon centuries, these days have been associated with perseverance, liberation, nature regenerating, and the desire to return to life, evoking the hope that unites us as human beings and helps us through the darkest times.

This year, there is no doubt, we need sources of hope.

Today I want to say that, despite the worry and sadness we feel with the pandemic, I see glimmers of hope.

I see more empathy, concern for others, and generosity. I see gestures of courage and commitment, like those of the health care workers battling day and night in clinics and hospitals. Among our colleagues at the Bank, I see a burst of creativity and new ideas to attack not only the virus but the persistent social gaps in our countries.

History teaches us that great crises can be an opportunity for progress never imagined before.

I hope these are days for reflection on how we can contribute to the rebirth of our societies. And I hope these are days for taking care of each other and appreciating all that life has given us. 


Luis Alberto Moreno