Invitation to participate in AETNA’s survey

Dear retired colleague,

On August 16, 2019, participants in Medical Benefits Program of the IDB Group received an invitation from the Medical Benefits Unit of the Human Resources Department (HRD-INS) to participate in a survey whose purpose is to measure the level of satisfaction with the services that until now has provided AETNA in relation to the administration of our medical benefits.

We make a special call to ask for as much participation as possible from retirees, as the results of the survey will allow both HRD-INS and AETNA to analyze the effectiveness of AETNA’s service and take appropriate measures for improvement.

The survey is completely confidential, requires no name or personal data from the person completing it, and can be completed in less than five minutes giving answers to general multiple choice questions, which seek to determine general satisfaction with the service provided within and outside the United States. At the end of the survey a space is included to provide a comment if you wish to do so.

Let us take the opportunity we have to participate in this survey, the information you give will be useful in improving the quality and satisfaction of services provided by AETNA.

For your convenience, below we include the access link to the survey in Spanish or in English.


Committee of Medical Benefit Administration of the

Association of Retirees, IDB Group

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