Invitation to Contribute Testimonials for the 60th Anniversary of the IDB

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Dear IDB Retirees,

In celebration of the IDB’s 60th anniversary, we are compiling brief anecdotes and reflections that illustrate the impact we have had in our countries over the years.

We want our full history to be represented in this project, and we need your help!

  1. What kind of content do we want?

We are looking for very brief, personal anecdotes that respond to the following question:


Is there a moment, place, or personal memory that, in your opinion, illustrates how the Bank has improved lives?


IDB retirees have a wealth of memories and experiences to share, particularly from the early and middle years of the organization. Retirees will also have a good sense of which initiatives truly had long-term impact – for example, a fiscal reform that eventually allowed a country to increase its capacity to invest in social programs.

Below, please find three examples of the kind of content we are looking for.


  1. Who can participate?

Do you have a great anecdote or two to share from your time at the Bank? Send us as many as you like!

We are also interested in having a variety of contributors, so if you are still in touch with a) beneficiaries of projects or b) people from executing agencies or other IDB partners who you think would have a good story to tell, please feel free to contact them about this project. We’d love to have their contributions!

  1. What should the format be?

We are looking for written texts that are brief, straightforward and personal. Your anecdote should be no more than 100 words in total. (See below for examples.)

When submitting your text, please provide your name and nationality. You may use any of the four official IDB languages.

We request that you also include a photo of yourself, either from your time at the IDB or a current one. Photos from IDB projects are also welcome!

If you prefer to have us record your anecdote by video or audio, please contact Richard Solash (details below).

  1. When and how should we submit the content?  

Please submit your anecdote(s) to Richard Solash – by July 21.

  1. Where will the content be used?

The Bank will feature these anecdotes in our 60th-anniversary exhibit at the IDB Visitors Center at our headquarters, on a special webpage and on our corporate social media channels. The Retirees Association will also consider further ways to use this content.


Examples (fictitious):


“When I was a boy in Medellín, no one thought of going near the river, because the smell was terrible. Today, thanks to two state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plants financed by the IDB, the area along the river has been turned into a beautiful park where people meet friends, jog and ride bikes. It took nearly 30 years, but these projects made me fall back in love with my city.”

– Javier Beltrán, Colombia


“I remember the first time I saw an asparagus plant in the desert near my town. It turns out that the north of Perú is ideal for that vegetable, but they only began to grow it on a large scale when the drip irrigation program started. That was back in 1985, and I was on the team that helped make it happen. Today, Perú is the second biggest exporter of asparagus in the world.”

– Marcela Gómez, Perú


“Hurricanes have always hit Barbados. But today, we are definitely better prepared. In 1980, the government began working with the IDB to fund more resilient infrastructure – like bridges and power stations that could better withstand the storms. Hurricane Harvey was terrible for us two years ago, but we recovered much quicker thanks to those investments.”

– Nelson Jones


David Atkison