Introducing vHealth by Aetna

Dear Colleagues,

To support you during this challenging time, Aetna’s vHealth telemedicine service is now available as a 90-day pilot program to members of the IDB Group Medical Benefits Plan to help you manage many non-emergency medical issues while you remain safely at home.

Once you register for “vHealth by Aetna” you will have access to doctors 24 hours a day via video or telephone, regardless of where you are located.

vHealth is free, you can use it as often as you need, and it only takes two minutes to sign up. The service is completely confidential and is a full primary care service – able to make diagnoses, treatment plans and issue prescriptions, depending on the regulations in your country. Please note that since prescription regulations vary from country to country, vHealth cannot guarantee the availability of prescription services in all countries.

At this time, when all are concerned about COVID-19, vHealth allows you to stay safely at home and avoid clinic or hospital waiting rooms, yet promptly see or speak to a doctor to address many of your concerns.  All vHealth doctors are highly trained primary care physicians, and even during the current period of high demand for services, appointments are usually available within 12 hours of your request. With vHealth, you can access healthcare without leaving home.


You must register to use vHealth

See this Member Guide for detailed registration instructions and other useful information. (You will use access code IDB2020 during registration.)

We encourage you to register now, so you have access when you need it. The app and the website are available in both Spanish and English:

  1. Download vHealth by Aetna from Google Play or the App Store, or visit the vHealth website.
  2. Click “Don’t have an account” to begin the registration process.

If you have any problems downloading, registering or booking an appointment you can reach the vHealth Customer Service Team as follows:

3. Share vHealth by Aetna with your entire family.


Be sure to register your eligible family members in vHealth

vHealth is available to all family members covered by your IDB Group Medical Benefits Plan. Once registered, they too can access free, uncapped appointments with doctors anytime, anywhere.

Make sure they sign up now, so they can access vHealth when they need to: 

  • Partners, spouses, and children over 18 years must each register for their own accounts. Please click here to invite them to register.
  • Children under 18 years must be registered under a parent or guardian’s account. To add them to your own account, simply log into the vHealth app, navigate to Account Settings, then Dependents. Next time you book an appointment, you will see an option to book one for yourself or your child.


vHealth Tips

  1. You can use vHealth for wellbeing topics as well as medical issues, including managing stress, sleep issues, healthy diet suggestions, and more.
  2. Don’t have internet access or your internet connection is not strong enough to support video? You can call vHealth at 1 (857) 256-3784  to book a telephone appointment – a doctor will call you back. There is no charge to your personal phone service when the doctor calls you for a telephone visit.
  3. You can upload images of symptoms or scans so your doctor can review them in detail before your appointment.
  4. Appointments are available in a range of languages – simply state your needs in the booking form: English and Spanish are available for both video and telephone appointments. French, Portuguese, as well as other languages, are available for telephone appointments.
  5. vHealth is free – no co-pay, co-insurance or deductibles apply.
  6. Please note that since vHealth by Aetna is a confidential service, vHealth doctors CANNOT share consultation notes externally. If you wish to share your consultation notes with your personal physician, you can download them from the “Your Appointments” section of your app.


Your well-being and safety are our top priority, and we are working diligently to provide you with resources to assist you at this challenging time.


Kind regards,


Employee Well-being and Medical Benefits Team

Human Resources Department