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International Woman’s Day

por Angela Rivera Saettone

International Woman’s Day

In recognition of International Women’s Day 2019, we want to honor the women who make up such an important part of our Association, those that had their own careers as IDB/IIC staff, those that played such an essential role in supporting their families, and all of whom are a vital part of our organization today. Congratulations and best wishes to all of you!

Women make almost half of our membership, and while their numerical participation on the Board and as Presidents of the various Chapters throughout the region is below that mark, the force of their leadership and spirit of commitment more than compensate for that fact. As one of our priority activities for the 2018-2020 period, we set as a goal the promotion of better representation at the Board of the diversity of our membership, and it bears noting that half of the candidates selected by the Nominating Committee are women, including four of the six candidates for executive positions.

Speaking for myself, I want to make special mention of the women with whom I have served on the Board over the last several years and those that have worked in our front office. I have learned from them, been repeatedly redirected by them, to the benefit of the good governance of the Association and our service to all members. To all those women I say, thank you, it has been a privilege. To you, as we approach the Spring, I dedicate this poem from Gabriela Mistral, “Doña Primavera:”

Doña Primavera

viste que es primor,

viste en limonero

y en naranjo en flor.


Lleva por sandalias

unas anchas hojas,

y por caravanas

unas fucsias rojas.


Salid a encontrarla

por esos caminos.

¡Va loca de soles

y loca de trinos!


Doña Primavera

de aliento fecundo,

se ríe de todas

las penas del mundo…


No cree al que le hable

de las vidas ruines.

¿Cómo va a toparlas

entre los jazmines?


¿Cómo va a encontrarlas

junto de las fuentes

de espejos dorados

y cantos ardientes?


De la tierra enferma

en las pardas grietas,

enciende rosales

de rojas piruetas.


Pone sus encajes,

prende sus verduras,

en la piedra triste

de las sepulturas…


Doña Primavera

de manos gloriosas,

haz que por la vida

derramemos rosas:


Rosas de alegría,

rosas de perdón,

rosas de cariño,

y de exultación.



David Atkinson


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