How to Incorporate Native Plants into Your Garden

Do you want to know why it is important to incorporate more native plants into your garden?  Do you want to learn how to do this in a practical and affordable way?  On Monday the 25th of July at 12:00 pm, Janet Entwistle, a master gardener and World Bank retiree, will give a zoom talk on the subject.

Below, Janet tells us about her journey to discover and learn about native plants and their importance in sustaining endangered birds, butterflies, bees and other native wildlife, as well as the topics she will cover in her talk.

“All my life I have been a gardener. But after I retired from the World Bank, I enrolled in a Master Gardener class where all that I had previously read and experimented with in my own garden crystalized.  I came to realize the importance of planting native plants to maintain biodiverse local ecosystems and contribute to global biodiversity and a healthy planet. I am now in the process of (slowly) converting my own garden to incorporate more native plants, and using the knowledge I gained in the Master Gardener program and my practical experience to help others in the community do the same thing.  In this talk I will touch on the following topics:

  • Why is it important to help protect biodiversity in our own backyards?
  • How does incorporating more native plants protect local ecosystems?
  • Are all non-native plants jeopardizing the local ecosystem?
  • Do I have to revamp my entire garden in order to sustain local wildlife?
  • Where can I find more information?

I am also available to help with any follow up questions:”

Here you can find useful Links for your garden.