General Information

Medical Insurance

At the time of retirement, eligible National and International staff may elect to continue the medical insurance coverage previously held as staff members under the Bank’s Insurable Benefits Program.  This decision is optional upon retirement, but irrevocable.  If the retiree opts to continue medical coverage, that coverage may also be extended to his/her spouse and any eligible dependents.  Medical insurance premiums for National and International retirees are reviewed annually. Retirees who reside in the United States should file claims with CIGNA Healthcare, while those residing outside of the United States should file claims with CIGNA International (unless medical services were provided in the United States).

Retirees who reside in the United States are also obliged to enroll in Part B of the US Government’s Medicare Insurance Program once they attain the age of 65.  The Bank sends reminders of this obligation to retirees annually.  However the basic provisions of the Bank’s medical plan remain unchanged.  Participation in Part D of the Medicare program, which covers prescription drugs, is optional.  The Bank’s own prescription drug insurance program is more advantageous, however; retirees are therefore encouraged not to enroll in the Part D program.


Life Insurance:

The Plan offers two benefit levels:  a low option and a high option.  Under the low option, coverage consists of a fixed benefit of $10,000 for the retiree, and $5,000 for the spouse.  There is no cost associated with this coverage.

Under the high option, the benefit is a decreasing percentage of the retiree’s last net annual salary, and a fixed amount for the spouse of $7,500.  Both of these have a cost associated with the coverage.  Please refer to the relevant Insurable Benefits handbook for complete details.

For further information, contact the Offices of the Staff Retirement Plan by e-mail at HRD/, or by telephone to (202) 623 3560.


Review Committee:

A Health and Life Insurance Review Committee is responsible for assuring that both plans are properly managed in financial and operational terms.  The Committee is composed of three members and one alternate each appointed by the President of the Bank, two members and one alternate each elected by Bank Staff, and one member and an alternate elected by the Retirees of the Bank, which assures that contributions to the life and medical insurance plans are made though a system in which all parties are represented).   Isabel Larson (  Member and Helmuth Carl ( , Alternate,  currently represent Retirees on the Committee.

Other Health Services:

The Bank’s Health Services Center at Headquarters also provides limited services to IDB retirees and their spouses including:

  • – First aid and emergency care required at Headquarters
  • – Annual Health Fair services
  • – Influenza vaccinations

For further information, contact Doris C. Angulo, Health Services Coordinator by phone at (202) 623-3431, FAX (202) 623 3124 or email (