Free Membership for Widows and Widowers

Dear members,

We are pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has approved granting free membership to all widows and widowers of members of the IDB Association of Retirees who are currently active members, as well as to all widows and widowers who receive pension payments from the Bank but that are not members of the Association yet.

More than as an economic benefit, this measure is justified as a gesture of generosity towards the spouses of those who were our colleagues at the Bank; it stems from a sense of gratitude for the contributions made by our deceased colleagues.

The measure will be implemented as of January 1, 2022. Widows and widowers who are already Association members will not need to complete any form: the Association will request that the fees charged be discontinued as of next January. Widows and widowers who are not yet Association members will receive an invitation to complete the registration form with the option of free membership. All widows and widowers that are members of the Association will maintain their rights and benefits, such as voting in elections and receiving invitations to events and communications.

With warm regards,
Isabel Larson, President
Álvaro Beca, Membership Committee