Fortieth Assembly of the IDB Retirees Association

Dear Members,
Complementing yesterday’s message on the XL Annual Meeting, we attach for your convenience the English translations, in writing, of all the videos presented.
    1. Moment of Silence for our retired colleagues who died in 2019.
  • María del Carmen Areosa Sieira
  • Ahmed Cherif Lakhdari
  • Geoffrey Crabtree
  • Henry Webb Goethals
  • Louis Niles
  • Ana Emilia Maciel Hasler
  • Franklin Samuel Keiffer
  • Hugo del Carmen Jordán Squella
  • Esther Alegría Terry
  • Douglas Taylor Kline
  • Oscar Rodolfo Lewy
  • Juan Cervera-Gamboa
  • Julio de la Paz Arcos
  • Ignacio Rojas Dávila
  • Gustavo Alberto Márquez Mosconi
  • Helmuth Leo Carl Morgado
  • Roselio Antonio Díaz
  • Carlos Alberto Tripodi Alfulier
  • Enrique Arias Jiménez
  • Noel Xavier Belt y Martínez-Viademonte
  • Héctor Norberto Prieto Puga
  • Kenneth José Mathison Ramíre

2. Report on the Elections from the Coordinator of the Tally Committee, Mr. Juan Manuel Fariña.

2020 Tally Committee Report FINAL

3. Remarks by the President of the Association, Mr. David Atkinson, which includes the Volunteer of the Year awards and recognition for the Directors who finish their terms.

President David’s Remarks in English

4. Remarks by the Vice President of Finance and Administration of the Bank, Mrs. Claudia Bock-Valotta (read by President David Atkinson).

VPF Claudia Bock-Valotta’s Remarks in English

5. Remarks by the President of the Bank, Mr. Luís Alberto Moreno.

IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno’s Remarks in English

David Atkinson
President Association of Retirees