Florida – Food Assistance to Residents Affected by Covid-19 in West Broward County – A Place in Time Christian Ministries

The institution “A Place in Time Christian Ministries” is committed to supporting a minimum of 100 families in the project’s area of influence that have been directly affected by the pandemic because they cannot have the necessary financial resources to continue their normal lives. The pandemic is responsible for the loss of employment and the need for members of these families to stay home as a result of quarantine or to care for their loved ones.

To help mitigate this situation, the $ 1,468 donation is intended to provide food packages and personal hygiene and contagion prevention items to 36 of the families identified above.

The executing agency for the project is A Place In Time Christian Ministries and will be in responsible for the project supervision. The project was approved by the Board of the Retirees Association on September 9, 2020 and the funds were disbursed on the 30th of the same month.

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