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Minutes of Meeting No. 3/16





Minutes of Meeting No. 3/16

IDB Retirees Association Board of Directors

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Conference Room: SW-0471 Time 11:00 AM


Attendees: Juan Manuel Fariña (16), President

Michael Woscoboinik (17), Vice President

Alfredo García (16), Secretary

Douglas Kline (17), Deputy Secretary

German Paraud (16) Treasurer

María Hess (17), Deputy Treasurer

Alvaro Beca (17), Director (via Skype)

Patricia Bermúdez (16), Director

Rigoberto Ordoñez (16), Director

Orlando Reos (17), Director

Alicia Ritchie (16), Director



AbsenteesFausto Medina-López (17), Director

Vladimir Radovic (16), Director



1.  Verification of Quorum: The meeting began at 11:05 AM, once a quorum was established.


2.   Approval of the Agenda: The Agenda was approved unanimously.


3.  Minutes Registration: Minutes from the 02/16 meeting approved by short procedure were registered.


4.   President’s Report:


a)  2016 Elections: The President informed that electronic voting is going well and to this date there were 672 votes, the highest average level of the last 5 years. It was decided to send a reminder email to retirees who did not vote.  Also an email will be sent to the Chapters’ Presidents with a list of retirees who do not have email, encouraging them to vote.


b)  Retirement Plans Committee: The President said that at the last meeting presided by Vice President Sujoy, who informed that the situation of the retirement plans continues well. He also highlighted the presence of the Association in the Committee.


c)  Seminar on Taxes, Information on foreign assets: The President indicated that during the seminar the Bank’s Administration recognized that the legislation changed in 2011 and that retirees who pay taxes in the United States must submit Form 8938 retroactive to 2011. He also indicated that he has met with the Administration to address this issue.


d)  Annual Meeting: The President indicated that the Assembly will be held on Wednesday, April 27.  Some Directors indicated that due to the interest of the Chapters in participating, we should consider the possibility of transmitting the meeting via videoconferencing or “streaming”, being the latter a better option for members.


5.  Secretary’s Report:


a)  New Members Registry: The Secretary informed that between February 24,  2016 and March 23, 2016 the Association welcomed 4 new members: Patricia Sample, Isabel Graciela Lavadenz Paccieri, Pura Sather, and Ester R. García.


b)  2015 Annual Report: The Secretary informed that he is working on the 2015 Annual Report.


c)  Voting Committee 2016:  The Secretary informed that Mr. Alvaro Chavez accepted the invitation to chair the Committee and that soon he will be sending a list of the Committee’s members to be approved by the Board by short procedure.  The Board agreed that it is important that a Committee member be experienced in systems and will be able to validate the results presented by Simply Voting. 


6.  Governance Committee:


a)  Electronic Vote Sub-Committee, Electronic Vote Implementation:  Director Beca indicated that electronic voting is going well and that to date, 672 votes have been received.


b)  Necessary Amendments to the By-Laws: Director Beca presented to the Board for consideration three amendments to the Association’s By-Laws which according to article 13(b) may be approved by the Board.


(i) Article 5 (d) Quorum at a meeting. A quorum at any Annual or Extraordinary meeting of Active Members shall be constituted by Active Members having at least ten five percent (105%) of the number of votes entitled to be cast at such meeting.


(ii) Article 5 (e): Voting at a Meeting. Any matter for decision by the Active Members may be determined by majority vote of the Active Members present in person at an Annual or Extraordinary meeting, at which at least twenty ten percent (2010%) of the total Active Members entitled to vote are present in person; provided, however, that any amendments to the Bylaws and/or Articles of Incorporation must be approved as set forth in Article 13. It was proposed to change from 20% to 10% the presence of active members required at an Annual or Extraordinary meeting in order to adopt decisions. It was decided that the Governance Committee shall submit a proposal for the future.


(iii) Article 7 (b) Powers and Duties of Officers.  (ii) Vice-President.  The Vice-President shall replace the President in the exercise of the duties of that office in cases of absence or incapacitation of the incumbent, and shall perform any other duties that may be assigned.  The Vice-President shall also serve as a link between the President, the Board and members who live outside the Washington, DC metropolitan area, including the Association Chapters.


It was decided to delete the last sentence of the section.


7.  Communications Committee:


a)   Web page Sub-Committee: Director Reos reported that actions are being taken to update what is pending and that the Committee is working internally to resolve outstanding issues. During recent weeks, minutes, by-laws, and other documents have been updated. The Directors agreed that the Committees Coordinators should be responsible of checking with the Association’s Office to make sure the modifications, changes, and updates corresponding to their respective committees have been made. Director Beca said that some updates are still pending, particularly Minutes.


b)   Publications Sub-Committee, Newsletter 167: Mr. Kline reported that the newsletter is already completed and will be distributed soon.


8.  Volunteer of the Year Award: Director Reos reported that five candidates were proposed and evaluated by the Committee.  He indicated that the final decision was between two candidates who deserved to be winners and after a more detailed analysis, they decided to give the prize to member Ana Knopf for her services to the APRONSA organization.


9.  Other Matters:


a)  New CFO of the Credit Union:  The President reported that Mr. William Lusk has been selected as the new Credit Union General Manager which will soon be announced.


b)  Chapters Revolving Funds:  Director Beca indicated that to date, transfer of revolving funds to Chapters have not been made.


c)  Date of the Next Board of Directors’ Meeting:  It was agreed that the next meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 26, at 11:00 AM.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 PM.

Alfredo García

2016 AJBID Elections: Results

The results of the 2016 Elections are available to view here

Presentation of Candidates for Volunteer of the Year 2016


Last Year’s Winner, Ana Knopf with Orlando Reos and Juan Manuel Fariña

The IDB Retirees Association (AJBID) invites its members to participate in the selection of 2016’s Volunteer of the Year.

We wish to distinguish IDB-IIC retirees who carry out volunteer activities in companies that provide community services for the benefit of those in need, that carry importance to the community and prmotes the common good.

The deadline is February 28, 2017 to register; both the nominee and their promoter must be members of the AJBID. The winner will be honored at the next Annual Meeting of the Association in April 2017.

Chapters are especially invited to participate by identifying qualified candidates.

Se invita especialmente a los asociados de las Filiales a intervenir en el proceso ayudando a identificar candidatos calificados.



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