Election of the New President of the Bank

Dear Retired Colleagues,
Many of you have been following closely the issue of the election of the next IDB President. President Luis Alberto Moreno (2005-2020) ends his third and final term in September and the Bank’s governors have called elections for a new President for mid-September.
Without a doubt, this is a topic of great importance to retirees and we have received a significant amount of inquiries, comments, opinions, concerns, etc., and also some requests for our opinion on the subject.
The Board of Directors of the IDB Association of Retirees formally declares that it will abstain from commenting on the election of the President of the Inter-American Development Bank. Likewise, we now express to whomever is finally elected our greatest wishes for success in their management.
We wish to convey a message of reassurance to all colleagues, expressing our utmost commitment to continue looking after the interests of all retirees and keeping them informed about the dialogue with the Bank’s Administration.
Sincerely yours,