El Salvador – Personal Protective Equipment (Level 2) for Covid-19 Test Takers – Fundación Salvadoreña para la Salud y el Desarrollo Humano (FUSAL)

El Salvador’s Ministry of Health is committed to taking the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in the country. El Salvador is  one of the countries that has  carried out the most tests in Central America  and this has been possible thanks to a team of approximately 70  people affiliated with the Ministry of Health and/or the Salvadoran Institute of Social Security that are dedicated exclusively to canvassing throughout the country. We are currently experiencing a shortage of protective suits for staff engaged in COVID 19 test screening, this donation will result in a rapid increase in the number of spare suits available.

The objective of the $6,300 donation is the purchase of 740 Level 2 personal protective equipment to benefit 35 canvassers who are dedicated to administering the tests on behalf of the Ministry of Health. This acquisition will allow us to mitigate the risk of contagion among the population of canvassers.

 The Salvadoran Foundation for Health and Human Development (Fusal) is the executing agency of the project and will be responsible for the execution of this project.  The project was approved by the Board of the Retiree’s Association on July, 2020 and the funds were disbursed  on  August XX 2020. 

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