Ecuador – Aid to Neighborhood Community Soup Kitchen Comité del Pueblo – Asociación de Emprendedoras del Comité del Pueblo

The impact the Covid-19 pandemic has caused on low-income households in the marginal neighborhoods located in the outskirts of Quito has been significant. It has generated an increase in unemployment and elevated the vulnerable population index. One of these neighborhoods is the People’s Committee.  The “Association of Entrepreneurs of the People’s Committee” works here. The Association delivers free lunches to indigent people and sells baskets of basic foodstuff to other residents of the neighborhood at a slightly higher price than its actual cost. The income generated from the sale of the baskets is used to finance the free lunches.

The $ 6,000 donation will finance both the lunches and the food baskets as well as personal protective equipment for the volunteers who work preparing the lunches and food baskets. A total of $ 3,000 will finance free lunches for 2,000 people, the remaining funds will purchase supplies for the food baskets and the personal protective equipment. This donation is special in that it provides for greater sustainability by having the revenue from the sale of food baskets finance the lunches.

The executing agency of the project is the Association of Entrepreneurs of the People’s Committee. It will supervise the project together with the Ecuador Chapter which will disburse the resources of each component as the objectives are met. The project was approved by the Board of the Association of Retirees on July 27, 2020 and the funds were disbursed on August 3.

Covid-9 Donation Request Form – Asociación de Emprendedoras del Comité del Pueblo