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COVID-19 Relief Fund Announcement

por Angela Rivera Saettone
Dear members,

The IDB Community is joining forces to help the most vulnerable populations impacted by the pandemic in Latin America and the Caribbean. Donations will be channeled through the IDB Group Retiree Association chapters to institutions in the Region dedicated to fight the propagation of the Covid-19 virus or to mitigate its impact. These institutions may belong to central or local governments, religious institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGO) or private institutions with a not for profit alternative.

The contribution of up to $45,000 from the Retirees Association, the donation of up to $50,000 from the IDB and the contribution of the Credit Union of up to $14,000, will be added to the donations of all the people who join this cause.

Be part of this initiative by donating to our COVID-19 Relief Fund.

COVID-19 Relief Fund Announcement

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