Coronavirus diagnosis and treatment coverage

Under the Medical Benefits Program, we wish to inform retirees that it will cover the reasonable and customary medical costs related to the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. Regarding diagnosis, it’s important to note that this applies only to medically necessary testing related to COVID-19.
Eligibility for this benefit will require an order by a doctor for the COVID-19 diagnostic and will generally only pertain to those patients that present symptoms consistent with the disease. Because claims differ significantly between health markets, when submitting claims, members should ask the provider to indicate that any testing is specific for COVID-19, and also indicate the symptoms experienced by the member specifying that the testing was medically necessary. Members residing in the USA are advised to use the Aetna International network of medical providers, which they can access through their personal Aetna portal and Health App.
Utilizing providers in the network often allows for direct payment of claims by Aetna, so that members do not have to file claims for reimbursement.