In accordance with Article 3 (c) of the By-Laws of the Association of Retirees of the Inter- American Development Bank (IDB), retirees residing in the member countries of the Bank and who are members of the Retirees Association (the Association) may establish chapters for the purpose of contributing, at a local level, to the objectives of the Association and to establish an appropriate venue for the presentation of their opinions to the Board of Directors, provided that they follow the regulations established by the By-Laws of the Association and by these Regulations.


In order to constitute a Chapter, there shall be at least five (5) retirees residing in the country or city where the chapter is to be established, who are interested in forming a Chapter and are active members of the Association.
Persons over 21 years of age who receive pension payments or have a deferred pension according to any of the Bank’s Retirement Plans and also pay Association’s fees as determined by the Board are Active Members. They shall have the right to vote under the terms of its Bylaws.
The Board of Directors of the Association determines a lifetime quota of $10.00 (ten US dollars) for local retirees interested in becoming active members. This quota is applicable to the local personnel that have retired from the Bank receiving a lump sum payment and who wish to become associate members of the Association.
Persons who, after leaving the Bank’s employment, do not meet the requirements necessary to be Active Members, may become Associate Members. Associate Members must pay dues to the Association and may attend its meetings but shall have no right to vote.


Each Chapter will receive, annually, a revolving fund in U.S. dollars, which will be operated through a sub-account of the main savings account of the Association at the IDB-IIC Federal Credit Union in Washington, DC.
The annual contribution of the Association to each Chapter will be at least 75% of the fees paid to the Association by the international members of the specific Chapter. If requested, the Associations’ Board of Directors may authorize funds, additional to the above-indicated minimum, as well as authorize the non-cancellation of funds remaining from the previous year. The Chapters shall keep records of income and expenditures chargeable to these contributions from Headquarters, shall report on the use of these funds to the Treasurer of the Association, and shall keep the respective receipts.


Each Chapter shall be administered by a Board of Directors composed at least by a President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer, chosen by its Active Members through elections. The Board will be responsible for directing the activities of the Chapter and deciding on the issues that are presented to it by the members or by the Association’s headquarters.
Each Chapter will keep up-to-date records of membership, both international and local, regularly communicating to the Association’s headquarters any changes in membership that may take place.
Each Chapter will define its own operational rules, which must be approved by its full membership. The holding of an annual meeting of members is recommended. All members of the Chapter should be invited to the meeting, and minutes of such meetings should be prepared and be distributed all of the Chapter’s members and to the Association’ headquarters.


The election of the Chapter’s Board of Directors shall be held at least every two years, preferably in the first semester of the calendar year. The Board of each Chapter will determine, in accordance with its operational rules, the voting system to be utilized for elections.
It is recommended that elections take place during an Assembly with at least 30% of active members in attendance. If attendance at the elections Assembly is lower than 30%, the outcome of the election should be submitted by electronic mail to all members of the Chapter for their ratification by non-objection. If the number of objections exceeds the “non-objections”, which include non-responses, the election process should be repeated, through calling a new Assembly.
For any board position vacancy occurring prior to its full term, the remaining board members will elect a replacement member to fill the position, except that when the vacancy corresponds to the Presidency of the Chapter’s Board, the Vice President shall assume the President’s functions. All Chapter Board Directors must be Active Members of the Association.


The Chapter’s Board of Directors shall meet once every three months, or as frequently as required by the nature and number of matters to be considered, as decided by the President of the Chapter in consultation with its Board members. The quorum and decisions of the Board shall each require a majority. The Chapter Secretary shall prepare minutes of meetings and send a copy to the Association, as decided by the Chapter Board. The Chapter Board will also seek to promote periodic meetings with all its members.


To facilitate the linkage between Chapters and the Association’s Board in Washington, DC, the Board of the Association will designate, from among its members, a Membership and Chapters Committee Coordinator who, as a special function, will be a liaison between the Chapters and the Association. As such, he or she will act upon requests of the Chapters before the Association’s Board and will take the necessary actions to make communications between the parties’ fluid and effective.
The Association’s Membership and Chapters Committee will be composed of two members elected every two years by the chapters and two members appointed by the Coordinator.


Any matter not specifically contemplated in these Regulations will be subject to the provisions of the By-Laws of the Association or by decisions of the Board of Directors, as appropriate.
(According to Spanish text, approved by the Board on January 29th, 2016)