Bolivia – Guayaramin Hospital, Berni – Covid-19 Oxygen Tanks – Caritas Guayaramerín

The Guayaramerín Hospital located in the Department of Beni, Bolivia has been experiencing a marked increase in the number of patients infected and / or deceased as a result of the Covid-19 virus. Medical personnel have also been affected by the pandemic with a high number of auxiliary medical personnel in addition to nurses and doctors who have been infected with the virus.

The donation of $ 1,468 from the Association together with an anonymous donation of $ 662 will be used for the purchase of 3 oxygen tanks that will serve to improve the situation of those patients with Covid-19 who require oxygen to breathe. It is estimated that as a result of this donation, the percentage of patients who require oxygen therapy and cannot receive it will decrease from 80% to 40%.

Caritas Guayaramerín is the executing agency of the project and will be responsible for supervising it. The project was approved by the Board of the Retirees Association on September 11, 2020 and the funds were disbursed on September 29.

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