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Best Doctors Service

Best Doctors is an employer-provided service dedicated to making sure our members are confient in their diagnoses, treatments and understanding of their medical conditions—no matter their complexity.

Recent studies from reputable medical journals have cited that misdiagnosis is on the rise and one in every 10 diagnoses are incorrect. These reports have left many feeling uncertain about their own care.

Best Doctors is your solution to medical uncertainty.

Best Doctors partners with the very best physicians across an ever- increasing number of specialties and subspecialties. By doing this, Best Doctors is able to navigate through the complex and often restrictive health care system to get our members’ cases and questions reviewed by carefully selected experts who specialize in their conditions. This helps you get the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the peace of mind you deserve.

If you or a family member ever face an important medical decision, contact Best Doctors. For anything from minor surgery to serious issues like cancer, heart conditions and more, Best Doctors can help.

Best Doctors is 100% confidential and provided at no cost to you. Best Doctors is an independent resource. Your information is held in the strictest confidence by Best Doctors.

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