Video of the Balance and Fall Prevention Class

  • Scared of falling?
  • Worried about balance?
  • Have you fallen recently?
  • Do you want to improve your strength and balance?
On Monday February 21 at noon the Retirees Association will be offering a zoom class on balance and fall prevention. The class will be given in English by Kyra Corradin a physical therapist practicing in Washington DC who specializes on the subject.
Kyra Corradin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy from the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Kyra has advanced education in the diagnosis and treatment of movement systems disorders and has lent her expertise to many locations within the District of Columbia including inpatient rehab at George Washington Hospital, outpatient neurological rehab with MedStar at NRH, outpatient orthopedics with Sports Therapy and Rehab, and in-home physical therapy throughout the District of Columbia. Her expertise is in: chronic pain; balance/fall prevention; spinal health and rehabilitation; and return to sports/running.
In addition to her doctorate in physical therapy, Kyra is a certified yoga instructor and utilizes much of this methodology during treatment.

The class will go over practices to help prevent falls. Since balance is key in fall prevention, the class will also include exercises to help strengthen balance. Please wear comfortable clothes and supportive shoes.