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On October 26th, 2016, The AJBID got together for the ARAIO workshop; the topic was “What is the value-added of retiree/alumni associations to our members and our parent organizations?” Participants were assigned a table to ensure the maximum mixing of organizations.

The host, the Association President David Atkinson, welcomed everyone to the lovely conference space at the IDB. He set the scene for the workshop, saying that the goals were:

To “have a constructive relationship between our society/association and our parent company, be an association of old friends; and to tell the ‘best of times’ stories as a legacy for the next generation in our parent organizations”

In the morning, participants discussed their worth to members and to their organizations, i.e. the services each provides to members and to their parent organizations. Each table then reported on the gist of their discussions. Participants considered various aspects, referring to the contributions of their respective retiree’s associations to their members and parent organizations. After lunch, the focus switched to how to increase our worth to these two “beneficiaries”. Again, each table reported the gist of their discussions. While there is some variation amongst our organizations, there is also a great deal of similarity in what we do. Most of us spend most of our time and energy on services to members. There was also a sense that, while we could all do more with our parent organizations, they do not think of engaging with us as a retiree/alumni organization.

Perhaps we could do more to spell out for them what we do and what potential roles we could play for, with them or on their behalf. To a large extent, our value to our parent organizations is related to how independent we are from the parent organization. Most of us have some “in kind” support, the form of office space, computers and IT help, and/or some budget/funds. So, it becomes a balancing act to keep good relations with the patient organization while representing members and their issues .

The next workshop will be hosted some time in October 2017 by the World Bank/1818 Society.