Annual Report 2020

We are pleased to send you the Association of Retirees’ 2020 Annual Report. You can access the PDF version by pressing the button below.

This report is part of the new direction taken by the Retirees Association in its effort to increase communication with its members. The objective is to address crucial issues such as pensions, health insurance and tax reimbursement, and to assure the fulfillment of the objectives of strengthening the connection and solidarity among all partners, organizing social, educational, cultural, and recreational activities that promote their well-being. In addition, to monitor the Bank’s activities and policies for the rights and interests of all retirees, which the Association has been doing in fulfilling its mandate but which it may not have been disseminated sufficiently.

The Annual Report is designed with modern techniques, with a novel format and elaborated with the care of making interesting, informative, and topical content available to readers. A limited printing will be made as soon as the Bank’s facilities are reopened and, as always, the Report will be sent to all who request it and to the Chapters through the Bank’s Representations.

We conclude by wishing you much health and wellbeing while we overcome the pandemic.

Board of Directors of the
IDB Association of Retirees

Annual Report 2020