Aetna Performance in the United States

Members of the Association of Retirees residing in the United States,

Three years after the concession for the administration of the Health Insurance Plan to Aetna, the Association of Retirees considers it important to seek the opinion of its members residing in the United States on the quality of the service received during that period.

For these purposes, the Association is issuing the survey at the bottom of this communication. The results of the survey will be shared with the members of the Association and will be used to inform the Association’s agenda in its discussions with the Bank’s Administration regarding the operation, coverage, cost, and effectiveness of the Plan.

Given the importance of the Plan in our retirement benefits package, we ask all members of the Association to respond in detail to the attached questionnaire.

We thank you in advance for your participation in this survey.

Please click on the button below or use the QR code with your smart phone to complete the survey.


IDB Association of Retirees