AFE–ADB is an association of former employees of ADB. It includes pensioners and non-pensioners, former members of the ADB Board of Directors and their advisors, and former members of the ADB management. Surviving spouses of former employees continue to be members of AFE–ADB.

The Association was established keeping in mind the interests of its members from a variety of backgrounds. For many, it is an organization that will bring to ADB’s attention the concerns of members about maintaining pensions and health insurance coverage at comfortable and affordable levels. For others, the social activities of AFE–ADB are of utmost importance. And for others again, information about ADB’s activities is important. At the end of September 2017, AFE-ADB had almost 3,100 members.

The Association’s office is in ADB’s headquarters building in Manila. It is run by an executive committee comprising a chairperson, a president, a vice president, and a treasurer.

AFE–ADB issues a newsletter, AFE–ADB News, twice a year, in March and September, and the Directory of Members is available online to members. In addition, frequent communications are issued by e-mail. AFE–ADB has 16 chapters worldwide, which hold their own business and social gatherings at least once a year.

The Association’s Chapter Coordinators’ Meeting and its Annual General Meeting take place at the site of ADB’s annual meeting, in early May each year. A cocktail reception hosted by AFE–ADB on the occasion of its annual general meeting is the centerpiece of its annual social activities. The ADB president and vice-presidents, members of the Board of Directors, and senior staff join AFE–ADB members in this traditional social function.

AFE–ADB maintains contact with the alumni associations of other international organizations and occasionally exchanges views with them on matters of mutual interest.

AFE−ADB’s activities are funded by members’ subscriptions and a subsidy from ADB.