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The IDB Association of Retirees, created in the 1970s, has the main objectives of strengthening the connection between all its members, organizing activities that support their well-being, and monitoring the Bank’s activities and policies to promote the rights and interests of our members, particularly in matters related to our Retirement Plan, Health Insurance Plan, Tax Refund Policy, and other relevant topics for retirees. This responsibility has been given to the Association by the Bank itself, granting it participation in its official committees on these issues.

Members have access to up-to-date information on everything related to our rights and interests as IDB retirees, including manuals, forms, HRD communications, etc. In addition, members receive newsletters with information on social and cultural activities carried out by the Association; the “Today’s News” prepared by the Office of External Relations of the IDB; and timely information about the death of colleagues, as well as their spouses, with an indication of family contacts to send condolences. Additionally, members have access to the addresses and telephone numbers of all members.

The Association is administered by a Board of Directors, elected among its members, which is made up of six Executive Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy Secretary, and Deputy Treasurer) and seven Directors. The Board meets monthly, holds an annual meeting in April, and serves during a period of two years.

Executives, Directors and Office Staff


Updated on June 2021


Membership and Chapters 

Álvaro Beca (Coordinator)
Sandra Darville
Tomás Engler
Maria Isabel Olaso*
Pablo Roldán
Cida Tonello*

Health and Life Insurance Program 

Isabel Larson (Coordinator)
Sixto Aquino
Álvaro Beca
Tomás Engler
Laura Guarnieri
Patricia Meduña

Legal Advisory and Governance 

Ana-Mita Betancourt (Coordinator)
Álvaro Beca
Tracy Betts
Dora Currea
Gay Miller
Michael Woscoboinik

Cultural, Social and Welfare Affairs 

Patricia Meduña (Coordinator)
Laura Bocalandro
Dora Currea
Claudia Perazza
Sandra Scioville

Technological Support 

Jose Vivas (Coordinator)
Alvaro Beca
Marta Calderón
Julio Estrada
Adrian Mikeliunas*
Angela Rivera 


Pablo Roldán (Coordinator)
Asunción Aguilá
Javier Hernández


Tracy Betts (Coordinator)
María Amparo Cabezas
Sandra Darville
Inder Ruprah
Alexandra Russell
Jose Vivas

Retirement Pension Plan 

Javier Hernández (Coordinator)
Álvaro Beca
Ana-Mita Betancourt
Kurt Focke
Pablo Roldán 


TBD for September 2021

Vote Counting 

TBD for January 2022

* These members were elected by the Chapters in August 2020 for a period of two years.
** Consultant for the Development of the Website.

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