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The IDB Retirees’ Association, created in the late 70s, is a legal, non profit organization, which protects, safeguards and defends the rights and general interests of its members. To that end, it represents the members regarding their pension and insurance within the Bank, and follows up on their requests to the Bank and Staff Retirement Plan; it advises the Bank on matters related to retirement, medical costs and income taxes; it promotes social, educational, cultural, and recreational activities for the members and their families, and offers them opportunities to work as volunteers within their community, keeping them duly informed on matters of interest.

The Association is administered by a Board of Directors, chosen from its members, which is composed of six Executives (a President, Vice-President, a Secretary and Deputy Secretary, a Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer) and seven Directors. The Board meets monthly, holds an Annual Meeting in April, and serves for a two year period.

A bit of History

The Retirees Association of the IDB was created in the late 70s by a group of first IDB retirees to represent the “pensioners” of the Bank. Its main objective was to represent the IDB retirees in the Administration, Finance, and Pension Committees of the Retirement Plan with the right of voice but without vote.

The topics of concern to retirees back then were the cost of living adjustments, income tax reimbursement on pension payments, the granting of permanent visas, the need to bring our pension plan in par with the retirement plans of other international organizations, and the establishment of a minimum pension to guarantee a decent living standard for the surviving spouse.

The first meeting of the Board of the Retirees Association took place on November 14, 1979: seventy five ballots had been received, all of them approving the By-Laws of the Association. The Board was then composed of T. Graydon Upton, as President; Joaquin E. Meyer, as Vice-President; Clarence M. Pierce, as Secretary-Treasurer. The Directors were: Elting Arnold, Jose R. Chiriboga, Paul Ehrlich, German Rovira, Ignacio Tamayo, and Walter F. White.

In its first meeting, the Board decided to send a letter to the President of the Bank notifying him of the official existence of the Retirees Association, and requesting to meet with him and the then Administrative Manager, to discuss channels of communication and possibilities of cooperating on matters of common concern to the retirees. President Ortiz Mena gave his full support to the Association.

The Board of Directors put in place the Association’s organizational structure such as the establishment of membership dues, the assignment of an office, the opening of an account with the IDB Credit Union, a procedure for contacting retirees, the development of relations with other retirees organizations to exchange information and pursue common goals.

Subsequent Board of Directors have strived to enhance the Association’s modus operandi, including stronger communication with its members, via the periodic publication of the Association’s Newsletter.

To become a Member

To become a member of the Retirees Association, a retiree (whether from the Bank, the MIF or the IIC) must complete a membership application form, and submit it to the Retirees Association Office, Stop W0424, 1300 New York Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20577.


The completed and signed membership form can also be scanned and sent electronically to the Retirees Association Office: [email protected] .The membership dues are three dollars a month in the case of international retirees, and a lifetime quota of US$10.00 for local retirees.


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