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OR-318 Medical Insurance Program Committee

OR-318 Medical Insurance Program Committee


NumberOR-318-2019-11-E Approval Authority   PRE
Effective DateNovember 1, 2019 Publishing AuthorityPRE
Last Update11/1/2019 Supporting DocumentsN/A
  UBRHRD   CategoryCorporate
  UBR ContactCarolina Serra   Original languageEnglish
  ATI Classification Confidential   TypeRegulation


1.  Type of Committee

1.1. Advisory Committee

2.  Purpose

2.1. The Medical Insurance Program Committee (“Program” and “Committee,” respectively) provides advice to the General Manager of the Human Resources Department (“HRD”) on matters described in section

3.  Membership

3.1. Chair: Division Chief of the Compensation, Benefits and HR Services of the Human Resources Department.

3.2. Other Members:

  • 3.2.1. President of the Retirees Association
  • 3.2.2. President of the Staff Association
  • 3.2.3. Chief of the Social Protection & Health Division of the Social Sector
  • 3.2.4. Executive Secretary of the Staff Retirement Plans
  • 3.2.5. Division Chief Accounting of the Finance Department
  • 3.2.6. Division Chief Controllership of the Inter-American Investment Corporation

3.3. The Chairperson may authorize the attendance of additional persons for specific meetings, either as participants or observers, taking into consideration the respective agenda and such considerations of confidentiality as may be appropriate.

3.4. Secretary: Employee Well-Being and Health Benefits Team Leader of the Compensation, Benefits and HR Services of the Human Resources Department.

4.  Functions:

4.1. Advise the HRD General Manager on proposals and other matters as may be submitted to the Committee by the HRD General Manager concerning proposed changes to fundamental terms of coverage, the premium structure of the Program and changes that would have a material impact on the terms of participation in the Program.

4.2. Meet at least annually to receive a general report on financial and operational matters concerning the Program and receive additional reporting as provided by the HRD General Manager to support the functions of the Committee.

4.3.Taking into consideration the Committee’s advisory role, the Committee shall not participate in ongoing Program administration, associated procurement or human resource matters, or the management of individual cases.

4.4. Each of the Staff Association and the Retiree Association shall maintain their regular channels of communication with the Administration for all matters related to the Program.

5.  Quorum:

5.1. Quorum for a meeting shall be the Chairperson and three (3) Committee

6.  Committee Agenda:

6.1. The agenda of Committee matters shall be set by the

7.  Meetings and Minutes:

7.1. The Chairperson may convene Committee meetings and provide documentation to Committee Members both for consideration without calling a meeting, or for information, as deemed appropriate by the Chairperson with due regard for the Committee’s function.

7.2. The Secretary of the Committee shall prepare the Minutes of meetings under the direction of the Chairperson. Minutes shall record the recommendations or other conclusions to be made by the Committee and shall not include the details of Committee deliberations. Minutes may take note of fundamental differences in views within the Committee, as determined by the Chairperson. Minutes shall be approved by the Chairperson. As an advisory document for a deliberative matter, Minutes of Meetings shall be confidential.

7.3. Committee Members shall respect the confidentiality of matters considered by the Committee as provided for by Bank policy.