2018 Elections: Candidates







TO:                 All members

FROM:           David Atkinson, President

SUBJECT:    2018 elections: Candidates

In accordance with the Bylaws of our Association, a general election will be held in 2018 to fill the following positions in the Board of Directors for a period of two years: President, Secretary, Treasurer, three positions for Directors resident in the United States and one position for Director resident outside the United States.

The Board acknowledged the report presented by the Nominating Committee composed by Nohra Rey de Marulanda (coordinator), Alicia Ritchie, Alfredo Garcia, José Navia and Orlando Reos. After consideration, the Board approved the nomination of the following candidates proposed by the Committee.

1. President of the Board

– David Atkinson

2. Secretary of the Board

– Alvaro Llosa

– Lourdes Tellería

 3. Treasurer of the Board

– Michael Lavezzo

– Jorge Roldan

 1. Directors resident in the United States

– Marcia L. Arieira

– Marta Calderon

– Guillermo Collich

– Sandra Darville

– Patricia Meduña

– Alvaro R. Ramirez

– Joel Riley

– Raul Tuazon

– Carlos Barbery

1. Directors resident outside the United States

– Jorge Elena

– Mario Mejia

– Roberto Angel Monteverde

– Cristobal Silva

In addition to the candidates proposed by the Committee, active members may nominate other candidates, sending by February 6, 2018, a letter to Rigoberto Ordóñez, Secretary of the Board of the Association, (to the following e-mail: rigobertoo@hotmail.com  or to the following address: Rigoberto Ordonez, c/o IDB Association of Retirees 1300 New York Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20577, Stop W-0424), signed by no fewer than ten (10) active members, which should be accompanied by the written acceptance by the proposed candidate, his/her resume and a brief description indicating the areas and activities of the Association in which he/she would like to contribute.

As is known by the membership, the Board of Directors of the Association implemented the electronic voting system with the elections of 2016. However, members who do not have a registered email address in the Association will continue voting by paper ballot. In addition, any member may waive their right to vote electronically and request to vote by paper ballot. Such a request should be sent to the Association by February 9, 2018 to the following email: retirees@iadb.org or to the following address: IDB Association of Retirees 1300 New York Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20577, Stop W-0424.