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The IDB Retirees’ Association website is intended to inform our members on a series of topics of interest as well as provide the resources needed to better understand retirement benefits afforded under the Retirement Plans. From this site, you can access information on medical and life insurance benefits, on tax reimbursement policies, on the Association’s Board of Directors and its Committees and Country Chapters, on Association and Bank events, and get answers to “frequently asked questions”, which are all tabs located at the top and bottom of the homepage. You will also have immediate access to major links of interest (such as CIGNA, IADB/Retirees, Credit Union, and IIC) and other specialized links (AARP, NIH, Medicare, IRS), as well as a multitude of Newspapers. In addition, you will be able to access and complete principal forms online. The website will allow you to contact the Retirees’ office personnel, the Association President, officers and all Board Directors and Chapters just by clicking on their names. It will also allow you to find the name, telephone and email of our members as well as update your own information.


We hope you will enjoy our website and its format that should increase the flow of information to our members. We welcome your ideas and suggestions and appreciate your help informing friends and colleagues of our new site.


You can contact us at: webmaster@ajbid.org


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